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Stepped up my underwater video game!!

Took me a while to find a good quality GoPro hero 8 dome, I was so eager to get one but could only find poor quality ones that I didn’t want to waste my time on. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places but I finally stumbled upon gopole. The extensive good reviews made it an easy choice to purchase my dome, along with the triad grip which I’m already loving as my daily vlog set up! Would definitely recommend and if the price of shipping to Australia wasn’t as high as it is, I would be a regular customer


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GoPole! Their products are fabulous, easy to use and QUALITY! Their customer service is next to none! I don't go anywhere else for my GoPro accessories! My favorite product is the GoDome! I have used many other domes and this one is by far the best.

This device can be used in many different ways.

I have an older vehicle that’s not equipped with a navigation screen. I attached a GoPro adhesive mount to the dash and attached the GoPole Mobile Clip to it. I now have GPS at eye level. The cellular phone sits sideways keeping the charging port and headphone port available for charging and music streaming. I have another adhesive mount stuck to the rear headrest so the kids can watch shows on long road trips.

I also use it to hold my cellular phone when it's connected to a GoPro via blutooth (I have several GoPro 4 Blacks that don't have screens). The Mobile Clip can be attached to most poles, handles, and gimbals (I have the GoPro Karma Grip) with a ring attachment. The clip seems very well built and holds my phone snuggly in place. I can move a mount at a rapid pace and my cellular phone does not slide, shift, or fall out of the Mobile Clip (Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S7, and Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge so far).

And of course, the Mobile Clip can be attached to the end of almost every GoPro mount made, theoretically replacing the GoPro with a cellular phone.

I have purchased several GoPole products (Bobber Grip, Time Lapse Timer, and Helmet Extension Arms) and have yet to have a bad product or experience dealing with this company. I plan to purchase more products in future (Dome for GoPro 7 and Red Filters for GoPro 8).

Reach mini

Perfect pole for traveling, small enough to pack and carry anywhere and extends far enough for great full body selfie pictures and video. My go to pole!


The products we received were just as we expected and do just as we required of them. Arrived in good time.

The best go pole

the best baterry pack for my Gopro 8

awesome support for my Gopro 8 whit the battery pack from gopole


Works as supposed to. No leaks, pristine crystal with no distortions on image. Love that it has marks to level image with water for a more centralized photo/video. Gopro 8 fits perfectly and had no problems with mode and shutter buttons functionality. A must have item for your action camera!!


I purchased the Hero 7|6|5 Over/Under Bundle and the Hero 8 Dive/Impact Housing+ Filter Kit. Both products came in great quality. Customer service was helpful and quick to respond when I needed help. Happy to buy from GoPole again!

Soo many nice things

Buying the bundle pack was the smartest thing, so many cool things all put together for a great price. Love the flash and the bubble. So many poles and batteries. Love it.

Great Accessory!

If you have a GoPro and use them in adverse conditions, this is a must get! Super easy to install and worth it.

Dome Pro
Dome with bommer hand

I bought one dome with bommer hand, it is a excellent products, I had some problems with my delivery but they resolves quickly with efficient, really good customers services

Held up really well!

I’ve had this for years and it’s held up super well! I’ve dropped it off cliffs and it’s never broken, I highly recommend and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

Bobber Jacket


I absolutely love my GoPole, it’s the perfect size to fit my GoPro and all the accessories. I can’t wait to take my GoPole to Hawaii in February 2020.

Nice Accessories

This was my 2nd black friday sale purchase from Gopole and it was indeed the same smooth transaction. No ticki tacki steps, just choose-add to cart-check out and your order will immediately be verified and shipped (of course, after successful payment) 😅 it was indeed a great customer service. Hope to purchase more with you. Btw, products sold here are very sturdy and really of very good quality!

Bobber Case

I haven’t got to Use it yet in the water yet but I’m pretty sure I will get it floating on my Cancun trip in February. I really love the GoPro Mount. I have been mainly using it for the mount. I love it

Awesome product

Very sturdy. Great functional screw too

Bobber Jacket

Works Great


Very Satisfied with all the Gopole products I have purchased. The dome and mouth mount get great footage and I’ll definitely purchase GoPole products again.

Fantastic equipment

I’ve bought a few things from go pole and I’m very happy with the quality of it and will be buying more in the future.

Dualcam goodness!

Love have the ability to capture in two directions while driving or mountain biking.

Great products and fast service

An item appeared of stock online, contacted the sales team and had a response within 1 business day. I live in Australia and had my products within half a week of purchase! Great customer service!!!